Friday AM tasks due 2/3/12


TWO drop offs
ONE sheet mailing
INVESTIGATE workshops with target list
SEND Bruce Norris letter and Erica Lipez *where do I send it?
-email to literary manger at CTGLA for contact
DO something nice for yourself
WRITE Bonnie Zane
FIND a mantra — give yourself an hour to look
ORDER postcards — oversized?


POST reel and send to group
CONTACT people about footage 4 times and turn up the heat
CREATE a report of 10 personal contacts re: agent referral
(Name, contact date, what was said, what the next action is)
SEND agent referral email to 200 contacts
SEND first mailing
"just got back from…" "on the hunt for new theatrical representation"


EDIT reel
-keep first scene but trim a little
-fur coat in instead of telephone
-contemporary bad date
-phone call
-find a tag (from date "lips")?
UPDATE casting target list
SEND postcard mailing to PDB and Target List
-Just shot Funny or Die video!
-Why am I not already a big name? Because I just arrived from Australia!
CREATE target agent list – 8 names
SEND agent opinion email
ASK Tim if he could send an email
EMAIL Brian’s 6 month goals

Bonus: LOOK at show websites for personal website inspiration:
-Psych, Suits, Royal Pains, White Collar
-GQ magazine


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