Thurs AM taks due 2/2/12

Let this be a week of focusing on just what needs your attention this week and honoring yourselves by doing something kind and fun!

FOLLOW up headshot picks REHEARSE at least 5 hours with Court for Bridesmaids
SHOWCASE stuff nailed down
PREGAME Chris Game
ARTIST date fo reals
DO something nice for yourself

REHEARSE 5 hours w Cheree
WRITE your face off- for 4 hours
EMAIL dirty rough draft by Friday— Chris or Jason
DO something nice for yourself

BRING in or SHARE 2 minute reel- with list of character breakdown
FAN blast, email and hard copy
DO something nice for yourself

WORK 3 hours on showcase scene
MAIL PDB mailing
ARTIST DATE/DO something nice for yourself

DO something nice for yourself
HOMEWORK on your scene for an hour
WORK on scene with Maxie for 3 hours
2 TOUCHS to contacts to invite


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