Weds Morning 1/25 Notes

Notes for 1/25

Handbrake/Mac the Ripper –to take your files from DVD’s to uploadable files. Then post on VIMEO.

If you don’t have a reel – you must be in or pushing the showcase!

Add commercial casting directors to your PDB if you have a commercial agent!!!

Use your target list to create 6 Week Book the Job calendar – only pick 5 offices. (Soaps and procedurals) Do drop-offs every single week!! Get yourself on the lots. Do workshops with every casting director (including Pregame and Postgame). Email with auditions on tape.

“Never Eat Alone” – ways to practice cold calling.

Upload reel on CAZT for more auditions!

Google the Shit out of projects you’re interested in! (LA Casting, Actors Access) Be clear on what you want! “I would be an ideal candidate” and list a link to your work.

ProActors.Org – for extra work…soaps and under-5.


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