WED AM Tasks due 2/1/12


BRING us a draft of one-sheet


PUT an audition on tape

-Gossip Girl, Suburgatory

CALL Nancy Moon Broadstreet ON THURSDAY (so that she can return your phone call on Friday!)

ORDER Postcards

CONTACT Jess Gonzales (jessicaleigh218) for one-sheet

What you plan on saying:

“Hi, this Rachel Rud, a Northwestern graduate. I met you at Actors Key a couple months ago and I am in the market for new theatrical representation and I would love to meet with you. Is there an email address that I could send my materials to so that you can take a look at it before we schedule a meeting?”


“Can you send me to her voicemail?”

“Restarting communication and I wanted to send her something on the web.”



MAIL postcards

EMAIL to whole wide world that you are with Lubes!

CUTS from Camera A footage (Meet with Ian)

SCHEDULE lunch with commercial agent

COMMERCIAL postcard mailing

ASK Brian Patacca Tits for Commercial Casting Director Labels

POST reel on CAZT


CALL Adrian Lopez nathanal)

EMAIL Abrams

DROP-OFF at BRS, coordinated with teacher

CONTACT Buckwald, Julia’s asst, see if she can stopby and/or say “hello”

EMAIL producer person, notify that you will be dropping off, could you email/call on the same day?

POST reel on CAZT

CONTACT Cindy (Call or email)

“Hi, Cindy! Cameron Crow recommended I reach out to your FIRST on my agent hunt. He is a family friend and obviously I respect his opinion highly.”

FOCUS ON: [follow up on referrals, focus on the showcase, and work on your reel]


Notify CTA of this weekend

Send GD postcard Sharon Bailey

sign up for 1 workshop

Mail Chimp rough draft

send commercial casting postcards

Book a job calendar – 6 weeks

-drop off once a week

-target list to create it – anything on a lot is difficult

5 OFFICES you are targeting

do a workshop with someone once a week

-email an audition on tape

FU with Becky Silverman

POST reel on CAZT


REHEARSE with someone for audition!

LEAVE a voicemail for Precision

-Mention Defiance in all of your messages (TODAY)


SET UP coffee date with The Writer

SET UP appt with Chad

SIGN-UP for CD workshop (Bruce Newberg)

CREATE a list of five managers/agents

REACH OUT to Bally


SIGN-UP for LA Casting**

SET-UP Notifications on LA Casting

SIGN-UP for Central Casting, extra work, etc.

LOOK into ExtraExtra,

FINISH one-sheet (communicate with Jess)

Marie Claire,

Just saw your listing for host of _____, my background in this and this make me an ideal canidate. Here is a link if you wish to take a look.

I hope to see you soon,

Suck it raw


(Be authentic, genuine, and be clear on what you want)


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