FRIDAY AM Tasks due 1/27

MARIEKEEP UP w book a job calendar

SEND link to Jamie Castro’s Facebook

SEND something to Bruce Norris (letter)

SEND at least an email, maybe coffee, to Erica Lipez

GO on an artist date, something that takes care of you as an artist

FIND a mantra

ORDER postcards

EDIT reel so it starts with acting
-needs to start on a shot of YOU
-too much shouting at the beginning, can start there, but then cut to later = 30 seconds or less total ("leave us wanting more!")

POST edited reel for us to see!

CONTACT the people TWICE this week and get footage of the films for your reel
-offer to come pick it up or pay for the postage
-tell them what you scene you want
-if they give you an obstacle, email the group so we can help you come up with a response

SEND agent opinion email to 200 contacts (actors and industry friends)

ADD 20 names to your PDB

SEND postcards from calender

COMPLETE next task on calender

PUT two things on tape (one for class and one off your target calender list and send to CD)

DROP OFF two packets MUST DO

EDIT rough cut of your reel for next week


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