Thursday AM Tasks Due 1/26

NARROW down headshot shoot to 20-30
CHOOSE 3 outfits for your headshots
CREATE a rebranding one sheet
CONTACT two people for your reel
REACH OUT on facebook and twitter to get work

REPORT is my footage maj?
SHOW reel material to 3 people
SCHEDULE shoot with Theo and Juliet
EMAIL/CALL 3 friends to get their agents at the showcase
GET meetings with your referrals
PRACTICE agent meeting

REACH out to four people not CDs on target list
GOOGLE the shit out of people
MAIL postcards to old target list people for showcase
GO to commercial agent to invite to showcase
CREATE list of 5-7 people I want in seats

EMAIL target managers
MAIL postcards to target managers about showcase
ASK Katie for postcards and flyers
REACH OUT to US vo guy
POSTGAME Laura’s colleagues
SIGNUP for commercial workshop
PUT yourself on tape

SEND maj packets
MAIL pregame letter with showcase postcard to theatrical people
POST headshots per agents

ROUGH cut of reel
BRAINSTORM how to make headshots happen and contact theo and Juliet
SEND email to pdb inviting to showcase
SEND email to target managers to showcase
SEND postcard to pdb inviting to showcase

PUT yourself on tape 3 times with Katy
CALL Osbrink and if you don’t talk to them send a funny email
CALL Chris to workshop piece and Hollywood fringe
CALL Margie about Zephyr
WRITE 10 more minutes


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