Weds PM Tasks Due 1/25

WRITE breakdowns from castability sketches
ADD 25 people to your PDB for postcards
CREATE 3-5 shiny and new 6 month goals
CALL Julia by 1pm on Friday
EMAIL Becca giving her your 5 target shows & casting directors, and tell her what days you’re available

SEND OUT Monthly Mailing Date
DECIDE between UCB and Groundlings
JOIN a writing group
CREATE log line for short film, 1-3 sentences

EMAIL targets about showcase and tell them you are looking for an agent and ask if they have anyone they can bring. *Attach PDF or JPG of showcase postcard
ASK 3 fans if they can come or suggest someone that can come to showcase
ASK 4 friends to get their agents to the showcase
BRING IN 1 really great pitch for content creation

SEND OUT "New" postcard for monthly mailing date
UPDATE 20 addresses on PDB
REACH OUT to Dad’s friends (via letter or email) and ask them to coffee to discuss the industry
READ Beautiful People and Last Resort


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