WED AM Tasks due 1/25


SIGN-UP for 2 casting director workshop

QUIET your mind 3 times this week

MAIL monthly postcards

START mailing setup – Mail Chimp

POST imdb to aas page

CALL film guy 5 times to get tape

WRITE letter to Sherry Thomas and Sharon Bailey to tell them you are interested in under 5s, reference Sam Littlefield

CUT and PERFECT ‘Professorship’


POLISH and RESUBMIT scripts to Funny or Die

CALL John with the message

CREATE list of eight fans

FIND list of what they are casting right now (especially pilots)

SEND email “I’ve left this agency, talking to other people, here is a cut of my reel, hope you are having a great season, if there is an audition I put on tape may I send it to you? ETC.”

PUT audition on-tape

GOOGLE THE SHIT out of Sooki sookiiii now


SIGN-UP for la casting

GOOGLE THE SHIT out of projects (lacasting and actors access)

SEND five emails

ONE hour of research

BORROW someone’s mac – make the one-sheet happen

CREATE Budget 2.0, on a computer


READ the entire script first (before the assignment)

PUT on tape

IMPROVISE for the character – have fun! get creative! (Improvisation/Imagination Task)


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