Thursday Notes 1/12

Producers and Managers LOVE you. They will go to the ends of the Earth for you. When they commit, they commit. So, that special relationship can not happen with everyone. >
> Reach out to 5 Casting Directors or Producers – tell them you are interested in under 5’s. Casting Directors don’t usually like casting under 5’s because they don’t know anyone who wants to do them! Reach out! >
> Twitter is an incredible way to reach out. Start tweeting! Facebook is for your friends, it’s private. >
> Karmalicity!!!
> Managers and Producers are out 3 or 4 nights a week – they want to meet you out and about. Go out to entertainment events. Plays, gallery openings, etc. They need actors, they love making friends, that’s why they are there. >
> The Actors Access panel said the best way to put up your reel is to split it into clips, and name them very specifically, rather than one general reel. Split them by type, by the characters you’re selling. Get rid of the “music video.” They want to see you act. Simple is better, you’re not creating a movie. If it’s for Actor’s Access, don’t bother putting your name, it just takes up seconds. >
> Check out Caroline White – headshot photographer


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