MON AM Tasks due 1/23

Kathy D

Email Reel to group

Send Agent Referral Email (200 minimum)

Send monthly mailing date

Pregame the shit out of Lindsey Balthasar

Gena Shaw

List of agents you are excited about targeting

Rough draft of website

Email Nick regarding documentary

-post to Facebook

-talk to Kendall

-reach out to all 10 best short documentary nominees in the last 10 years

-google and facebook all of those people

-reach out to Kathleen


Post game Stewart

Create your “Book a job Calendar”

Send Monthly Mailing

Act two or more times this week


Write down 3 stories that are personal and 3 about any kind of work that you like telling

Email Reel to group with specific questions “which clips are most me?”

Get your website up

send out agent opinion email

Act Five times


Create list of 8-10 agents you’d like to target

Look into CAZT and decide whether or not you’d like to sign up

Submit to 10 projects

Work on your material for 15 minutes twice a week


Rehearse for class – 2 times before next monday

Pilot parrrrtttttyyyyy

Monthly mailing

check breakdowns everyday – smart young women


Write three times on “what do I want from salon this year”


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