Weds morning AAS notes (late!)

January 11, 2012, (Weds 10 am)

IMDB-Pro: allows you to post 5 videos for free, can change them out.

Agent/Manager relationship – shouldn’t be tied to each other. Need one to push!

Call more than once or twice. “will call you back” “really looking forward to hearing from them” “may I be put through to their voicemail?” *don’t leave a message with the receptionist. Drop the name of who referred you.

When you’re making a connection: Be specific! “How is next Thursday?”

Email Brian N to see his budget.

One Sheets: “Pages” ($20) Newsletters – Brochures – Flyers.

West Hollywood Library – really nice. Check it out!

Have a friend direct & shoot you. Don’t do it all by yourself.

Looking for Under 5’s! Sherie Biali & S. Thomas

Actorsalon to say you won’t be there. Don’t put the Brian’s on the loop.

Can choose headshots during your time in salon.


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