AAS Friday tasks for 1/20/12

AAS Salon January 13, 2012

TASKS for 1/20/12

Marie Buck

GOOGLE the SHIT project
CREATE your book a job calendar:

5-6 wks

drop off every week to each office

+ another hit (workshop/postcard/email)

must put self on tape for office

honor your artist side

COMPLETE first contact
SIGN up for a commercial CD workshop
MAKE That’s Awkward calender
INVESTIGATE next steps for Between Friends after editing is complete (color correction?)

Margot Rubin

MEET with commercial agent and bring in progress — expect positivity!
ASK for feedback from email loop before going in to commercial agent
REHEARSE three times this week and put yourself on tape once before class
INVESTIGATE NU alumni/GOOGLE “northwestern talent agency”
CREATE a showcase calender AND agent list that you want in the seats
MODIFY agent target list and phone call for each (if you can’t get them directly, ask for a voicemail. do not leave message with receptionist!)

Christopher Parson

BRING in reel
CREATE rough draft of website
CREATE agent/manager target list
BRING IN text of your email that is going to be asking for referrals
ACT/REHEARSE at LEAST four times
EMAIL katy davis re: work visas

Lazarus Guidry

CREATE target list of 14-15 agents and send it to salon
SEND reel to salon loop
CREATE PDB minimum of 30 people
ORDER postcards
ACT three times this week

Jessica Leigh

MAIL postcards on book a job calendar
REHEARSE three times
COMPLETE drop offs
SEND footage to salon loop including commercials
IDENTIFY what is missing from your reel
GOOGLE the SHIT out of five projects

if contacting a business source on fb, ask permission if it’s appropriate to contact them this way, include a link to a reel.
Know your intention as you communicate, be able to state it in one sentence.


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