Weds PM Tasks DUE 1.17.2012


CREATE 3-5 six month goals

SEND OUT monthly mailing

SEPARATE reel and send individual clips to manager

CHECK OUT, ask Mark if he knows about it/uses it

INQUIRE and possibly join a writing group

SELF TAPE once with current breakdowns and share the audition with class

CHECK OUT and possibly update online portfolios.


READ Bill of Rights out loud at least twice this week

START the transition into Final Draft

SELF TAPE once this week

PREGAME for the four upcoming workshops

BRING IN pregame letter


INVESTIGATE and make decision on CAZT

EMAIL commercial agent letting them know about workshop

PREGAME letter to L. Baldasare

ADD new headshot to ActorsAccess


VISIT agent with champagne and good news of film booking

MAKE labels for postcards, bring to salon

SIGN UP for a workshop w/ someone on your target list

MAKE UP in Monday night class and rehearse for it


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