Everyone’s Tasks!


CREATE your win sheet/map of 2011 accomplishments.

CONTACT Brian N about reel. $150. Drop-off discs at the Studio with a post-it.

DO Sign on the Dotted Line calendar tasks

DESIGN one-sheets over break. (longer breakdowns for theatrical, pictures, faux article: Rachel was seen in…etc). Visually striking! Email to ask for examples.

ADD 10 people to PDB, add JRS: On new postcard- Just posted SOA footage on vimeo.

POST old reel on Vimeo. Without apology. / Work on editing new reel?


Go to Happy Hour w/Whitney

CREATE a budget (headshots, session, reprint, workshops, etc.)

-“Save 10% of every paycheck”; Savings Account; ING

MAKE Money!!


CREATE your win sheet/map of 2011 accomplishments.

EMAIL Samantha about meeting with Sandy & drop-offs.

FOLLOW-UP to responses from Agent Opinion Email – 15 emails

LOOK INTO Constant Contact for Newsletter Mailings, Screw MailChimp!

ADD 50 Addresses into PDB

SEND a mailing with one piece of industry-related news!

DRAFT breakdowns – send to group for our comments (include the Brian’s)

**SET UP reel to start automatically on website!

CONTACT Mr. Miller (writer) for business meeting, ie coffee.


CREATE your win sheet/map of 2011 accomplishments.

RELAX your mind: Do 2x a week minimum during break.

DESIGN a one-sheet that is visually stimulating!

DO sign on the dotted line calendar tasks! Especially:

RE-CUT/edit Pretty Funny Woman (1 minute) – to send to Agent contacts

ADD 30 Contacts to PDB

WRITE a rough draft of Blog Webseries: one episode! Have fun!


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