MONDAY AM TASKS due 1/16/2012

Everyone: Only do one thing in the shower!! Example: only wash your hair without thinking about anything else.


· Email two fabulous monologues to the group
· Email Sheila Ellis
· Email 150 people agent referral email
· Go meet with Glenda at ActNow
· Set up Google Alerts for your favorite shows
· Add 25 people to PDB
· Monthly Mailing Date on Jan 16th!


· Go to 1 yoga class per week
· Write 3 pages a day starting Saturday
· Figure out paypal account or way to collect/filter money
· Call to action – email to showcase
· Send mail chimp email
· Pick 5 people to send personal email to
· 6 month goals by June 12
o Book union job playing smart woman
o Book a co-star
o Theatrical representation
o 2nd self created project posted
· Email group about all the good stuff from Ellen


· Send postcard to commercial casting by Dec. 16th
· Send postcard to all of pdb about commercial rep by Dec.16th
· Check IMDB about new rep
· Deliver New Year gift to commercial agents
· Sign up for two workshop on target list – pregame and postgame
· Rethink 6 month goals – bring in
· Email Brian an email about print at CESD
· Meet with Pinkerton


· Send email to friends about 10 reps
· Meet with Glenda at Act Now
· Sign up for two workshops
· Mail date Jan 9th – entire pdb and commercial casting
· Put pitch on paper
· Six open mic’s
· Contact Margie


· Facebook 200 people with manager list – include name of manager and ask for their opinions
· Jan 9th and 16th – email asking for web-series footage
· Email this week for footage – agent asking for material – I will gladly pay for any postage, burn fees ect.
· Create email pdb using mail chimp – suck in contacts from gmail
· Create draft of email “newsletter” – contact Katie about email containing a sample newsletter
· Add managers to mail pdb
· Add recent networking people to pdb
· Send packet to agent assistant
· Sign up for one workshop with target cd
· Find envelopes that fit postcards


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