THURS AM Tasks AAS due 12/15/11

CALL agents Tuesday after emailing taped auditionMAKE arrangements to coordinate with Emily about dropping off at Affinity
MAIL holiday cards
EMAIL Andrew from Flutie on Monday
HAVE a great meeting

REFINE 6th month goal of webseries facebook, youtube, twitter
CELEBRATE all past accomplishments and write them down
CREATE 2-3 breakdowns
ADD 75 contacts to pdb
EMAIL salon your reels

Jonathan 6 Month Goals:
GAIN at least 10 industry connections
POST 11 new episodes of Mr. Meatballs

SHARE with group what you’ve learned about yourself as an actor by putting yourself on tape
SET UP mtg with Scott and Angela
CONTACT agent with list of questions you need answered
CONTACT manager about how they’ll work with agent

6 Month Goals:
SIGN with rep across the board
BOOK 2 jobs (commercial, tv and/or film)

CREATE theatrical reel
FIND a flexible job

GET addresses for pdb
REEXAMINE and report on USC footage
CREATE sellability project
CREATE celebration list
CELEBRATE signing with Brick
SEND mailing to commercial casting directors
WRITE 2 breakdowns and show up as bitchy breakdown

CREATE a new target list that doesn’t cause you any stress
CANCEL workshops that you signed up for on your skateboard at 4am…drunk
CALL agencies on SODL with Shitake Curry


SEND out commercial mailing
SEND thank you to AHC
ASK agent for visa info
FOLLOW up with loop group
CONTACT 3 people for deal memos
EMAIL Katie about Showcase task
EMAIL manager target list

6 Month Goals:
SIGN with manager with less than 15 clients
JOIN a loop group
CUT dynamic one minute to 90 second reel with all Irish and American footage
FILE away your green card

WRITE OUT intention for headshot shoot
BRING in version 2.0 of website with specific questions
CELEBRATE kicking ass at 3 workshops
SEND pdb mailing
SEND postgames
FOLLOW UP with Sharon Lawrence


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