Friday Morning Tasks Due 12/16

SUBMIT to 20 breakdowns on LA Casting
SET UP LA Casting notifications
REPORT on commercial agent meeting re: what jobs you can submit on & what looks you need
CREATE a list of 10 agents/managers that I would like to work with AND EMAIL MY FRIENDS for their opinions
BRING postcards, printed message labels and printed address labels for PDB and LACasting commercial cd list
ADD fav photo to actorsaccess

CREATE target list of casting directors and add to PDB
BOOK workshops with "Breaking Bad" and "NCIS" cds
ADD three photos to actorsaccess
CALL Stein before posting photos
BUILD book a job calender + NAME contract
-castability sheet
-one sheet
-putting auditions on tape
-phone calls
MAIL postcards to PDB and LACasting Commercial cds
WEIGH yourself and tell us your weight
CREATE castability break down

ADD five peeps to PDB and print on labels
CREATE a list of 10 commercial agents that I would like to work with AND EMAIL MY FRIENDS for their opinions
ORDER postcards
MAKE contact with 10 people re:shorts
CREATE castability break down
SHOOT short with Whitney
SCHEDULE with actnow

EMAIL salon 5 possible postcard picks and we vote
CONTACT Randall and Patrick and ask for info about pitching
EMAIL all of Knights of October and ask for contacts and help
SET UP LA Casting
SUBMIT on LAcasting and ActorsAccess 10 times on each
BOOK A JOB calender
ORDER postcards
CREATE castability break down
SCHEDULE with actnow


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