12/7 Weds Morning notes

12-7 Notes

EDIT PLUS-use to tape upcoming television appearances.

I-Converter: alternative to Handbrake

Follow-Up to Agent Help Email: Can I get a referral? I’ve narrowed down my list…I think that would help me open the door. Trying to stay on the heat of my SOA appearance.

Phone call on a day I’ll do my drop-off. Let them know the day I’m doing my drop off. Who should I address it to?

BCC Your Salon on Agent emails, etc – Look what’s getting done! Celebrate the action that is happening!

As far as reels: Less is More. Leave them wanting more! Have the scenes fit your breakdowns.

In Word: Go to FORMAT & TEXT Direction to alter Postcard Labels to fit postcards.

Don’t need to put auditions on tape in front of a blank background.

Make sure reel on VIMEO starts playing AUTOMATICALLY. Save people from having to Point & Click!

Pregame Letter: FORMAT – PICTURE – Option: TIGHT

Say what you are selling! (type)

Bold, Italics

Facebook Contact: Acknowledge that you are reaching them in a non-business way. If you prefer not to be contacted this way, no problem, please disregard this message. If you need an answer right away: I saw that you are casting, please check out my IMDB profile. Hope to meet you soon!

Craigslist or Groupon: to find FLIPCAMS to put yourself on tape!


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