MON AM AAS Tasks 12/5

DO drop offs for calendar
SOLIDIFY your team for the showcase
CREATE new 6 month goals
SEND out monthly mailing (postcards)

COME in with at least 2 ideas for monologues
MAKE a list of 5-10 reps
MAKE list of 5 target shows
ROCK 4 dance classes

NARROW down target list to 5
GET footage
ADD 25 addresses
CREATE a list of 5-10 reps
BRAINSTORM sellability pitch – Why should someone represent me?
CREATE description (verbal/written) of your fantasy standup reel

REPORT on how an hour a day of Rosetta Stone is going
CONTACT David Muller or BOOK a new photographer (Dana Patrick, Brad Buckman, Lorenzo Hodges, Argentum Website)
RESEARCH CD workshops
ADD 5 Agents to target list
CREATE Sign On The Dotted Line Calendar (ASK for help J)

TRIM your character breakdowns
FILL OUT time management worksheet every day
ACT every day (20 minutes on your own, rehearsal for class, etc.)
CREATE list of agents you’d like to work with (find specific person at agency)
CROP and PRINT headshot photos

CREATE target list of 10 managers
BRING in postcards
MAKE a sellability pitch – Why should someone represent me?
CREATE list of 25 industry people (for your PDB) with addresses
REACH OUT to the industry people you just met
FOLLOW UP with agent’s assistant
RESEARCH CD workshops (possibly sign up)
LOOK at breakdowns

WORK on sellability assignment (PITCH your ass!)
EMAIL your new reel to the salon with specific questions
REPORT on showcase
SEND postcard to agent list
FINISH new, rocking 6 month goals


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