THURS AM Tasks Due 12/8

Schedule headshot shoot with Chris for January (we’ll do research about what looks and what clothes later)
Tell/Email Mark about time situation (would rather be with him, but needs to balance waiting job for now…will be able to devote more time in January)
Email target agents
Prepare packets and put them in my car
Weds Artist Time

Drop off packets
Connect with Emily Re: Affinity plan
Send thank you to Alyson Horn
Email One sheet
Bring Postcard

Meet with manager
Enjoy yo got-damn life assignment!!!
Create Google Alerts
Make a call and a post card
Bring Postcard

Go up to Rick’s Office and do a drop off- contact Krizia
Post game and pre-game the 4 CDs
Bring in one completed postcard
Bring in Postcard
Email Innovative a list of manager youd like to get a meeting with

New shimmering 6 month goals
Jan and Johns workshop
Postcard mailing


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