Notes AAS 12/1/11

-Whenever you get a referral and are using someone’s name in an email/postcard/etc, the first two words of your email is the first and last name of your referral.

– Dreams into Action by Milton Katselas, Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

-Pregame- send letter w/headshot on front and resume printed on back. (Dear ___, I look forward to meeting you at ___ on ____. I just booked/shot ____. I’ve included my resume on the back. Look forward to seeing you. ALSO send postcards same day to all associates (I’m meeting your colleague ___ at ___. I just booked/shot ____.)

– Postgame- thank you and reference work you did by postcard. ALSO send headshot/resume to all associates w/letter/post it saying you met their colleague and reference work.

– Workshops: The Short List (smaller), The Actor’s Key, Reel Pros, Act Now


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