Weds AM Tasks for 12/7/11


ADD pink smiley shot to all online profiles

COMPLETE editing on email letter (add what you’re doing for the holidays)

EMAIL recommendations/opinions agent list to everyone you know

POST Sons of Anarchy footage on Vimeo and email it to the group

PREPARE agent pitch

SET appointment to meet with John


SEND postcards to April & Becky about SD workshop

TAPE 3 times, two or more very different versions for each scene and send to Salon

COAGULATE Alexander Technique lists with Suck It Raw Brian and schedule appt/ have plan for Alexander Technique

BREAK reel down into individual scenes and send to Mark

BRING IN two acts of pilot (doesn’t have to be in order)

EMAIL update to group of where I’m at by Christmas


CREATE pregame letter

BOOK two more workshops from your list

BRING IN completed calendar to Salon

GOOGLE the shit out of at least one project

DEVELOP self tape system

REACH out to Annie about Roosevelt


SEND pregame letters to agents

CREATE a Sign On The Dotted Line Calendar

BRING IN a rough cut of your reel

RESEARCH Chris Game, Killian’s workshop, Stuart K Robinson

CONTACT Osbrink and use Dufflyn as a referral


POST reel to Vimeo (use Hand Break or Wondershare Ripper) and email it to Salon before Dec. 5!

CONTACT Evan Anderson and David Cosgrove about website- if they don’t work out, EMAIL salon asking for more suggestions for website builders

REGISTER at Act Now with Glenda and say Brian Patacca sent you

SCHEDULE 3 workshops (Industry House, Act Now, Actor’s Key, Actors Advantage, etc.)

SUBMIT 10 or more times on CAZT and Actors Access starting January 3


DROP OFF a disc of your episode of Community to agent, and talk about more auditions

POST everywhere about your episode airing

PAY OFF 24 Hour Fitness

CREATE list of 10 target managers

SEND opinions/recommendations email about managers

WRITE DOWN every industry person you’ve ever known on a list and meet with Angie


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