WED PM TASKS for 12.7.11

Please Bring Postcards!


-update agents on casting director workshops

-pick workshops for January

-casting director target list

*5 particular offices

Bruce Newberg (look for Ani)

Marlo Tiede (Donna Rosenstein and David Alex Miller)

Lisa Ystrom (Tim Payne and Angela Scaletta)

Jason La Purda (Natalie Hart, Kendra Patterson)

Sarah Katzman (Lisa Beach, Beth Lipari, Charla Bowersox)

-dance classes (sweaty sundays 12 noon and 1:30pm @ The Sweat Spot, Yoga Booty Ballet/ Heartbeat House/ Christine Huffman Mon & Wed ) take 2 dance classes! EDGE?

-follow up Thank You part of the audition experience -send for your recent commercial callbacks

-making something or expanding your network?

create 5 contacts to my pdb? -create content?

-Read 4 pilot scripts


(Follow-up with Nancy. and Brian. and Ricki Saffick)

-Track down 3 more referrals.

-Have all pilot scripts you can get your hands on

-Pick 2 roles to pursue seriously

-Act everyday. Preferrably on tape.

-Send in one audition (on tape)

-Target Sitcom Casting Directors


Actors Key

-sign up for a workshop


-referrals for man baby

-post for actors access for wheelchair character

-email clayton

-go to coffee with annie

-back up plan for teammate —- 3 people from your class that might help you with it

-UCB actors

-send out postcard to commercial casting directors

-send email to commercial agent to let them know you sent out postcards

-send postcards for print agencies

Tasks- Benji

-order postcards

-send materials to website (stand-up, reel, actor link: resume, update bio, etc)

– copy and paste every part that you submit for on Actors Access to show samples

(Benji just shot festival bound short)

-Make one student film connection (hang out at USC film school UCLA)

-sign up for cazt

-make a decision to sign up for commercial class (Killian, Jan and John, Stewart K Robinson, and

Chris Game)

-submit on


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