Cast the sketch (crew and actors) and Location- Create a call sheet for my shoot on Dec. 5th

Send procedural/breakdown email to Isaac

Send 7-minute stand-up clip

I am my own harshest critic (helping/hurting?)

Send packets


Gettin’ a Job: Create a calendar (five procedural shows, five casting directors, etc.)

Drop off once a week

Know who the five people are

Sending Postcards

Breakdowns every day – drop off is for that role

Look for Casting Director workshops for those shows

“Stay a vibrant artist” (aka, daily mantra, a daily practice other than rehearsal, morning pages – something that has to do with just being an artist – energy equally given to you as an artist)

Add General Hospital to IMDB


Look at Nicole Dalton’s page (retail [hair back, polo shirt], etc.)

MUCHHH less makeup for next salon (NO top lid eyeliner)

SUCK OFF email contacts from Gmail into Mail Chimp (even say old news, put a breakdown)

Create Draft of Mail Chimp email and send to salon

-Layout: Include one or two breakdowns, and commercial news, have something personal in there

Call agent and tell about decision to cut hair and tell him the date you plan to do so

Try for haircut (definitely set date)

Salon Photoshoot when you get back

Create a list of 10 theatrical agents you would like to work with (NAME and the AGENCY)

[Ask the SALON about their opinions on the agents]


Create Book the Job Calendar

-Identify 5 casting directors/shows/etc.

-Drop off every week

-Some sort of contact (postcard)

-Workshop with all of them

Practice for yourself as an artist (what do I do in the morning and night to honor me?)

Google the Shit out of the perfect project/breakdown

Email Annie about the hotel guys!

Research Paramount and Fox lots, see what is there, and make a PLAN

-Notice who you are meeting/take a card

-Can you tell me where the casting director office is?

Pick out four or five hotels that you could go to (Roosevelt, Beverly Hills Hotel, The Beverly Hilton, InterContinental)

-Google, find out the HR department, see what you need to do, who do you speak to?


Half hour with Brian about reel

Make a list of the AGENTS/MANAGERS are you emailing on Tuesday Nov. 29th

Contact all the people who you were referred by

On the 28th, remind them

Reach out to Tammy and give her what she needs (photos, bios, etc.)

Reach-out to everyone who responded to manager help email

-Ask for referral: “Would you be comfortable referring me?”

Solid short idea

Order Postcards


-send help email about commercial agency bcc 200 people

– print 50 headshots/order them

-Pregame letters – all 3 people letter with picture in front and resume on back dear steve, i will be meeting…lately…..colleagues get postcard

-add these people to your pdb

-send the people a generic pregame to agents

-google the shit out of people who are on a dream project


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