MEET with Laura

SELF TAPE 7 days in a row starting Thursday

RESEARCH 3 Alexander Tech teachers and share with the class and Brians

INTRODUCE 4 characters to the class

ADD all commercial casting directors to PDB (skip them if it gets overwhelming)

WATCH Parenthood or a show where people are arriving for a dinner table

SEND OUT packets to Mitchell and Patrick at KSR and Chip +1 at AKA, referencing John and Mark

BRING in your postcard


CALL Ramsey

SPEND at least 30 min on padmapper.com and begin the search for a new apartment

SPEND a physical Artist’s Date with yourself

BRING in your postcard


SCHEDULE your shoot date, WRITE it in your calendar in pen, BOOK OUT for that day

EMAIL Brian Norris your script

SEND a Help Email to as many people as possible, saying you’re looking for a wheelchair and casting these two people, and looking for a director

SELF TAPE 3 times – there are no rules!

ASK for help

EMAIL commercial package to the group

BRING in your postcard


SELF TAPE 2 times (once with Ali, once with Mary)

SEND Monthly Mailing by the 17th

WORK your scene with someone before the workshop

EMAIL your agent about show, casting directors, and putting yourself on tape

RESEARCH dance classes

REHEARSE 3 times

BRING in your postcard


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