11-16 Weds Morning Notes

11-16 NOTES à

Highlight key words (bold) for agent/manager packet letters. For example, people you know, important credits. Post-it’s on headshots saying your upcoming work.

Appelusa Photography — $200 unlimited looks.

Printable calendars (like Margie’s): CalendarsThatWork.com

Drop-off’s versus Mailing – go to front desk, say “I used to work in your position, I know you get these a million times a day, can you please pass this along?” Get receptionist’s name & card. On package: List Name, Company, Referred by or Friend of.

Getting a Job Calendar – 5 casting directors, drop-offs once a week/every week, Look at breakdowns for role, Sending postcards.

Daily Rehearsal of being an Artist – stay open to the possibility of the job. Meditate?

On Mail Chimp: Roles I’m Dying to Play, Roles I’d be Good for. Little personal tidbits.

List of 10 Theatrical Agents – name & agency.

PREGAME: Letter with picture on front, back is resume. No Headshot included. Folded into thirds. Name email phone. Their name. Dear So & So, I will be meeting you, I’ve been doing this… Colleague get a postcard: I look forward to meeting your colleague.

See a breakdown you love with a project with a small cast…Google the shit out of the people attached to it.

CAZT – more moneymaking auditions than LA Casting.

Notice WHO you are meeting, ALWAYS take cards!

“Never Eat Alone” Keith Ferrazi – makes networking about friendship & fun!


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