Tasks for Thursday AM taste 11/17



GOOGLE the shit out of the producers/cd’s/directors etc… for 2 projects you’re right for.

REACH out to CAZT, try to swing a deal.

SEND 3 thank you’s to commercial casting directors who called you in

CELEBRATE accomplishing 6 month goal (Reel)

CREATE list of 10 reps that you are excited about

SEND “opinion” email to at least 100 people


SEND opinion email for managers

TAKE 1st step on calendar

FILE green card

CELEBRATE filing green card


LOOK @ Sabrina Miller & Helen Soroya’s web sites

TAKE the iWeb tutorial

CREATE very 1st rough draft of site

POST audition to vimeo and share with group & manager

INSTIGATE or SAY YES to something social


CHECK OUT Active Submissions.com

RESHAPE target list

REHEARSE 3x’s this week

MAKE calls at Katys house cause she has bars…

CELEBRATE making the calls (shots?)

DO PDB mailings

SEND gift to Wayne Morse


ASK 5 people to “follow-Friday” you.

CREATE sign on the dotted line calendar

TAPE an audition and upload to Vimeo

FILM sketch with Brett


  • WRITE 3 perfect breakdowns (rough draft)
  • SCHEDULE headshot shoot
  • REIGNITE online profiles


  • CALL SAG -about status
  • WRITE 3 things you are grateful every morning
  • PRINT last headshot
  • SEND monthly mailing
  • REEVALUATE 6 month GOALS- at least 3 focused
  • CELEBRATE e-surance commercial
  • EMAIL BNorris your calendar
  • either/or ARTIST date or social activity

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