11/9 AAS Notes!

11-9-2011 Notes:

Check out Act Now for workshops.

Active Submissions.com — can put up different clips of your reel.

PDB – split into 2: email list & labels.

Write off DVR on your taxes as research! Lots of things can be written off for actors!

Create Your Reel.com

BCC everyone on your task emails!

Postcards : use an Updates sticker!

For putting an audition on tape – shoot at your height, don’t be looking down. Don’t look like you’re wearing a costume. Have your essence!

Google Alert – emails you whenever people show up online. Casting director & yourself!

CAZT – $15 a month? (check price) Unrepresented people are going out for quality independent auditions!

Submit daily: LA Casting, Actors Access, and CAZT – Showfax is 60 dollars a year (Actors Access). Add notes.

For headshot sessions: use breakdowns as a guide for theatrical shots.

AFTRA – Wilshire & Fairfax. Helpful.

For just booked roles – put it on the front on the postcard! ( Publicity )

Website building: ask people whose pages you like & contact their developers. Only invest when you have content – after a reel!

Footage – Vimeo.


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