AAS Thursday Goals Due 9/10


CREATE a castability sheet
DROP-OFF packets
SEND long-form outline for website/ materials for designer
REHEARSE 2 times
WRITE out what your ideal representation relationships (manager and agent)


BRAINSTORM 3rd character for character reel
CREATE a target list for commercial and theatrical agents
SUBMIT 10 times on Actors Access with Notes
COMPARE numbers from Twitter & Facebook


CELEBRATE my reel posting/artist date
COMPLETE "Look at your life" assignment
WRITE every morning 3 things you’re grateful for/3 things there were wins from the day before
POST reel to Actors Access & IMDB
DECIDE on final headshots for printing
SEND monthly mailing
SUMIT 10x on Actors Access with notes


CREATE target list of 5-10 managers
FIND back-up website designer
FILE green card
MAKE PDB functional (turn it into labels)
SUBMIT on Actors Access with notes 10x
ACT everyday


CREATE IMDB Pro account
EMAIL the group your reel
COLD READ everyday
SUBMIT 10x on Actors Access with notes
CELEBRATE shooting with your sister


FINISH packets
SEND out postcards


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