Weds PM Tasks 11.9.11

Class starts at 6pm!

LIZZYEMAIL Nick Renaud asking to drop his name with Global
EMAIL agents at Global saying Kyle referred you
CALL for a meeting with Jonathan at Global
WEAR your snazzy new skirt to salon
FOLLOW THROUGH with week 1 of the Content Challenge

SEND postcards to commercial casting directors
SEND usable clips to manager
REPORT on workouts and/or weight loss
SUBMIT every day on LA Casting and/or Actors Access
PREGAME Marlo Tiede

UPLOAD new photos & reel onto online profiles
EMAIL reel & picture links to Mark (Breakdown Services?)
WRITE two times for 1 hour & KEEP notebook in car
CALL Judy about increasing commercial and issues with print
REVISE message and SEND monthly mailing on the 10th
REMOVE all halloween candy & wedding cake
PREGAME Scott David’s entire office
DO 4 Cardio Barre workouts in the morning
SEND postcard to M Casting
CHECK OUT The Short List

SEND postcards to commercial casting directors
ADD Greene & Associates to your resume
ENJOY an Artist’s Date to a place that inspires you

CONTACT Jeff again Re: Dirty Jokes footage
ACT every day (offer a rehearsal, email your Toolshop people, etc.)
EMAIL John about being in two classes at the same time
EMAIL Courtney & Margie asking about comedic reel requirements
(EMAIL Jay Mandiem the seconds from your clips that can be in a reel)
SUBMIT every day with notes on LA Casting and Actors Access

ORDER postcards
SELF TAPE 3 times
ACT 5 times (can be alone at home, at rehearsal, whatever)
ASK Carol if you need comp cards
AGGRESSIVELY schedule a shoot day for Roomies and shoot it!
ADD 10 more people to PDB


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