1. Make a celebration list- big and small

Eryn 1.Retouch and order photos
2. Upload photos to all sites
3. Send 5 emails to agents that you booked I want my pants back also include reel and pics
4. Send emails to everyone you know with you list —-Your not asking for a referral

1. 3 Month Goal:
Send manager character reel and celebrate with PDB
sign with amazing commercial and theatrical rep
book college tour
book co-star plus

earn $2,500 from acting
and make major social media presence

2. Compare numbers of facebook, youtube, twitter followers of this this week and next week
3. Know all 6 college tour agents and send them an email with link to reel, news of Bobby, and attach small jpeg
4. Mailing to PDB on November 3rd- "I just sucked it raw with Bobby Lee"

1. Send email to target Agents and prepare packets for drop offs
2. Rehearse/ ACT everyday and be prepared to tell us about it
3. Work on celebration list!!!!
4. FInd out price of website and figure out how you would like it to look

1. Edit letter
2. Comfort Zone pushing artist date
3. Send out pregame letter to commercial agents
4. Send email to managers
5. Postcard to commercial agents
6. Send termination letter to commercial agent
7.Email manager and say YES lets try!

1. FInd someone to help you with character breakdowns and clothing options for your headshots
2. Email group your website for feedback
3. Get packets ready
4. Add old auditions and bookings to database
5. Add bookers to PDB
6. Add prototypes to breakdowns
7. Make a list of 5 people that youd like to shoot with

1. Get 2 good nights of good sleep
2. Send out mailing and bbc group of it
3. Call on Monday and follow up on email
4. Cold read everyday this week – bring to class next week


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