Notes Wed PM 10-26-11

Postcards: doesn’t matter
what you say. Just order them.
Procedurals are the best place to get your co star
Pre-gaming and post-gaming gets everyone in the
office into you
pregame: write a letter
with small headshot in corner
“Erik: i’m so excited to meet you at ____ .
just want to introduce myself ahead of time…check out my
website…blah blah”
then send a postcard to all of his
collegues, “i’m mtg erik at act now, hope you’re having a spooky halloween!” blah blah
Reels should be on: actors
access, la casting, imdb, youtube, vimeo, own personal
you want to make it easy for people to see

for self submissions: write a NOTE and sell
yourself, “just booked a short”, puts you to the top of the

Edit Plus in Sherman Oaks has everything on tape
(past shows, etc)


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