ALICALL Bob at Osbrink about getting a meeting "I didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle," "I just wanna make sure I’m not dropping the ball."
SEND 9 other postcards
CHECK IN with Bentley 2 times
EXPERIMENTS of release
EMAIL Robert at CESD
LIST of 5 print agents and who you know that’s with them

SEND thank you to Howard Meltzer (remind what material you did)
THINK about what happens when an audition or workshop goes well and report it to the group
BOOK a workshop
REPORT on three healthy and delicious snacks
CRASH a commercial audition at 200 S. La Brea

SHOW UP with all nice paperwork in a nice notebook for your acting business
ORDER postcards (headshot, name, website, email, phone number)
MAKE SURE you’re getting emails from LA Casting (call if necessary)
SUBMIT 10 times on LA Casting
SUBMIT 10 times on Actors Access
LIST of 10 agents and managers you would like to work with
RESEARCH Community and pick two agents from the co-stars
BOOK a coaching and sign up for workshop

GO to Mark with pictures. Say "they really compliment the ones you picked" about the ones you like.
FIND TWO one night casting director workshops before the end of the year.
MAKE LIST of 5 casting fans.
GO to fancy new coffee shop and write for 2 hours.
DO 2 cardio bar workouts.
POSTGAME Peter Young.

CREATE target list of 5 shows
CANCEL agent workshops and casting workshops that aren’t on your target list
SEND agent referral email to 70 people

DO 1 fun thing every day

ORDER postcards with headshot, website, phone number, email
PRINT hard copy of all breakdowns on one paper
REHEARSE four times for class and make it a REAL rehearsal every time (experiment with silence except for the scene)
CALL Kristy and make new appt
EMAIL Carol and apologize for missing appt
TAPE the scene at 2 rehearsals


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