Send group winning email that got you in the room for Two Broke Girls
EMAIL Joey to ask for referral for this specific manager (make it easy for him)
Thank everyone in Two Broke Casting Office
ORDER Postcards
Make a target list of 10 Agents & Managers
START sign on the dotted line calendar
Send EMAIL BLAST regarding AGENTS/MANAGERS of your choosing

Send list of age appropriate shows to agents and ask her which workshops she recommends based on which workshops you can take
Add these specific CD’s to you PDB
Sign up for three workshops

Complete scene one and have a sketch of scene two
Call Bi-Coastal to set up a meeting
PreGame Actors Key Agent
Email blast for agents
Take the balls of "are we going to do a showcase"
Sign up for an act Now workshop

Email Brian about his contact on Castle
Send email blast asking for scenes
Find one scene in which I pop
Drop something off at Steven’s office- Have Brad call that morning!
Create Sign on the Dotted Line Calendar for Managers & Agents
Email all seven people w/link and "I’m about to start rehearsals for___" CALL TO ACTION!

EVERYONE: CREATE celebration list!

Commerical Outfits: Banana Republic, Bebe, Forever 21, "Look at the clothes you are wearing on a commercial!"
David Lawrence: Not the best for just getting your foot in the door, really teaches you how to build your own home studio, which mic to buy, NOT to read copy and do basic starter things
Actors Key Voiceover workshops are Best
3 weeks of commercial, 3 weeks of animation made for the best intro voice over class Brian Norris has ever taken
The Voiceover resource guide- Every CD for Voiceover EVERY class every demo producer is listed
Actors Key has an agent/manager workshop EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT- TWO of them!!!
Applelusif (sp? Margie) Photography- $200 Unlimited Looks-3 retouched free images "She is AMAZING" AAS Student
Brian N believes in COLD CALLING CD’s during OFF HOURS (weekends)
Whenever we want anything from anybody ever we should use a direct CALL TO ACTION!


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