CLAYTON – FOLLOW up with Clay Weiner
ADD Liz M Nelson – Heart of Dixie to Target list and PDB you send postcards to.
POSTGAME Liz M Nelson / Heart of Dixie and all her colleagues.
SEND out your first mailing.
DESIGN your new postcard. Share with group the preview and ask for feedback.
SEND out help email for agent/manager (min 100 people)
CALL HELEN 2 TIMES re:her wins

HELEN – BE accountable to Clayton re: wins
FOLLOW up with KSR (call)
SIGN UP for 1 to 3 workshops
CREATE marketing plan for time away
UPLOAD reel to key websites (ie: actorsaccess)

MICHAEL – SIGN UP for and use it at least 3 times.
STICK TO marketing calendar SEND email
DO follow fridays (ask 2 people at least)
GO to Daniel Hoff’s OPEN CALL on a Friday. (book in a Friday you can do this)
CREATE 3 pitches for Michael Tennant content. (1 = own version of self)


3 Months JAN 10th 2012
NEW headshots
GET in amazing shape
GET theatrical representation
GO on 3 auditions

6 Month Goals April 10th 2012
BOOK a job
Go on a audition for a TV series
Commercial representation


3 month (revise) JUNE 10th 2012
ACT every day
BOOK an acting gig

6 Month APRIL 10th 2012

Sign with an aggressive and excited straightforward representation you will LIKE
Commercial agent


COBY – HOST one rehearsal
WRITE breakdowns (more fleshed out – view actors access)
TARGET list of 5-8 current shows
WRITE a paragraph about where and when you work best
WRITE a list of people you know.
CREATE/REVISE la casting/actors access/ key casting profiles

OLIVIA – TARGET list of 5-8 current shows
WRITE a paragraph about where and when you work best
CREATE La casting/Actors access/casting frontier profiles: add just ONE headshot
START PDB with casting directors from Target List
EMAIL group pictures for advice
WRITE 3 sentences towards characters OR full character breakdowns


USE THE GROUP 🙂 ask for help/advice.

IF you get no reply from group – ASK AGAIN.

NB Daniel Hoff has an commercial OPEN CALL on Fridays.

COBY – NOTEs on breakdowns. who is guy before transformation and who is guy after. Don’t describe film. OR describe the guy who has the potential to be _________ and wants to be that. Girls gravitate to him and he’s unaware. But KNOWs when some puts him down. no. 3 think Disturbia/Shia.

ON AAS resource there is a casting about LOGIN

Olivia break down ideas. Sweet and smart – doesnt know herself yet/ misunderstood. ie Diplomats daughter – noone understands her. Girl – manipulative and seduces older guys. See essence notes. Think flip sides too.


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