THURS AM tasks due 10/13

WRITE 3 one sentence essences based on the essence exercise (possibly breakdowns) TARGET
ME ME ME workspace exercise (Where do you work best?)
START PDB & talk about process
SHARE online links with group

JACKIE 3 Month – January 6
KNOCK OUT 8 Commercial auditions
KILL 6 Theatrical auditions

JACKIE 6 Month- April 6
AUDITION oncer per week
SIGN w. agent or manager
ADD 2 clips to reel

JOHNNY- 3 Month January 6
BOOK 2 tv gig
BOOK regular hosting gig
SEND new reel to cd’s criminal minds, always sunny, modern family

JOHNNY- 6 Month April 6
SIGN w. theatrical agent
AUDITION for 2 pilots
POST new hosting reel
BOOK 3rd tv gig
ROCK a spot on late night tv

SEND resume to group
ADD credits to IMDB
SCHEDULE meeting with website chick- get your info from her
POST to facebook re: Like campaign
ASK 5 friends to do follow friday for you
SEND agent list to manager

FOLLOW up with Affinity
REHEARSE 2 times this week
MAKE 1st contact with agents
WRITE iphone scene for reel
CHECK IN every morning with Krizia

SEND mailing to PDB this week
SIGN up for 5 workshops
FIRST contact with managers
TAPE another audition and possibly SUBMIT
RSVP to 3 Industry type events then TELL group and invite them

CREATE calendar
SEND agent help email
CALL both people with a specific call to action to get your reel materials RESEARCH who will be editing your reel
CELEBRATE working Pretty Little Liar

EITHER HAVE calendar date w. Brian P & Katy or CREATE 10 manager list EMAIL (bcc group) commercial agent re:help w. commercial CD’s ORDER postcards
BOOK workshop w. Brian P at Actors Key
PRINT out CD labels
DRAFT postcard
(**money stuff: postcards, edit reel, meet w. David Muller)


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