THURS AM Notes 9/29/11

"Sign On the Dotted Line Calendar": 7 interactions with the representation you want

Make a calendar of how you’re going to get in touch with these people over the next 2 months. It is not just THE event, it’s all the prior steps that need to be taken before those events take place. ALL you want from this calendar is a MEETING. That’s it. Period.

2. Phone
3. Fax
4. Headshot/resume
5. One sheet
6. Post card
7. Drop off in person
8. Pre-game letter

When getting a referral, have them call their agent before you drop in, have your referral drop an e-mail to give them a heads up.

*Sign up for Karmalicity*

Adrian Lopez – Houston Street Productions

Do not be paralyzed on your personal message on your postcard – make a label, if all it says is your special skills, that’s good enough. Just get it done.


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