FOLLOW UP with referral emails

SIGN UP with five workshop companies

SELF-SUBMIT once for TV targets or film

CREATE rep race calendar (RRC)


STREAMLINE Commercial PDB (decide your target list)

REACH OUT to Chris Game (@ The Elephant in form of letter with picture or postcard)

FINISH final breakdown character add "Think Julie White" and add salt of the earth character.

SET ASIDE 1 hour every morning to work on play


ATTEND Tim Burton exhibit this week and give an outloud acknowlegement of reel accomplishment or some other form of celebration

FOLLOW-UP with lawyers and CESD

FINISH one sheet

STICK to calendar

CREATE first draft or reel

1. SEND OUT 15 agent help emails
2. ADD practical shows to target list
3. PICK monthly mailing date
4. TAKE steps to fulfill on details of mailing date send-out
5. SET second shoot date
6. FINISH Breakdown’s
1. WORK OUT four times this week.
2. SHARE log and blog with AAS next week
3. HIRE someone to make basic website or DECIDE to do it myself
4. ADD practical shows to target list
5. DESIGN a post card
6. SIGN UP for one workshop that’s on target list

1. BECOME the Executive Producer (all of the details worked out) of the first episode of STONEY BALONEY
2. BOOK casting workshop from target list
3. FINISH Breakdowns
4. FINISH target list
5. FINISH Personal Database
1. FINISH Personal Database
2. FINISH Essence Breakdowns
3. CREATE list of 10-15 Commercial Agents with specific names with whom you’d be interested to sign
4. SIGN UP with Chris Game (commercial CD) classes/workshops/private tuition.
5. CREATE a form cover letter asking for money for short
6. CREATE a Kick-Starter campaign


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