• CRAFT 3 & 6 month goals related to Stand-Up Librarian career.
  • *WRITE introduction letter to OPRAH! (1 of 12)*
  • CREATE elevator pitches for Stand-Up Librarian and show.
  • *CREATE list of mailing targets for Stand-Up Librarian*
  • DRAFT comedy set for Stand-Up Librarian show on October 2nd.
  • SOLIDIFY 3 goals related to each library event (interviews, 9/24, 10/1, 10/2)


  • RESPOND to email responses
  • ASK agents for advice on commercial list
  • SIGN up for one workshop with a target
  • PITCH us your dream website
  • REHEARSE 2 times this week
  • CREATE a specific fitness goal
  • MONTHLY mailing date accomplished


  • FIND at DP
  • READ Manager contract to find the out clause
  • SIGN UP (it’s free!)
  • CONTACT Tammy @ Spotlight PR
  • TELL 3 people a day about your wins!
  • BRAINSTORM re: your 3 characters for reel
  • CELEBRATE your awesome wins!!!


  • EDIT list of target managers
  • EMAIL ICM agent for Directors meeting
  • GO on another artist date
  • CREATE specific fitness goal
  • PUT an audition on tape and submit it


  • ORDER postcards
  • RESEARCH and make contact with David Muller
  • EDIT Target List of shows down to 7 and 7 only
  • EDIT your reel down to 90 seconds
  • CREATE Target List of 10 managers
  • ADD Commercial Casting Director Fans to PBD and SEND to Commercial Agent


  • SEND out pictures for your website with a specific question and get responses from classmates and salon peeps
  • EMAIL and CALL Nicole Arbusto for green card reference
  • ORDER 100 postcards
  • PREPARE food for work 2x this week
  • CREATE a list of 5-10 commercial agents


  • CALL Osbrink to follow up on Commercial Drop Off
  • SEND out Agent opinion email
  • SEND monthly mailing
  • SEND reel to salon and get feedback
  • BRAINSTORM your 3 and 6 month goals
  • SHOOT one take of your webisode


  • EMAIL and send postcard to Stephanie at Freelance
  • BRING back breakdowns
  • FOLLOW up with all of your referrals – FOLLOW up on your follow ups
  • CREATE a Manager Calendar
  • SEND out a Commercial mailing
  • RESEARCH and PRICE Chris Game workshop

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