MYKO:DROP body fat to 14%
RUN 1 mile 2x this week
CREATE list for Rachel
WRITE a letter to Dan Harom
CREATE producers report for webseries
SET UP workshop with Dean Fronk or Ricki Maslar
CHECK IN with Laz by Monday

SEND group email asking for feedback on your headshot and resume.
ADD 25 names to Personal Database.
CREATE your four breakdowns
SEND ActorsAccess profile to the group. Use SHARE on ActorsAccess.
WRITE a note with every ActorsAccess submission
SEND group your reel
PITCH what you see your website looking like
BUY domain name
CHECK in with Myko by Monday

REFINE target list for co-stars
SCHEDULE meeting with BBR union dept.
CREATE essence breakdown for commercials
RESEARCH people who can refer you to an agency – outside the box
LOOK for appleworks

FINISH rough draft of website and bring to class
ADD at least 20 names to personal database!!
SEND postcard to agents on your list
ASK Brad for a phone call referral to set up a meeting and ask for a date as well.
CREATE script for voice teacher phone call
ASK voice teacher for referral
CREATE target list of casting directors (musical theatre and some theatrical shows)

MAKE phone calls (30 min Wed, 30 min Thurs) to agents
DRAFT fax letter for agents
SEND faxes
WRITE 2 letters to the showrunners of your favorite shows
CONTEMPLATE press ideas (Spotlight PR)
SET UP Google Alerts about your agents and start tracking their clients
CONTEMPLATE out of the box agent ideas

DESCRIBE your dream website- then MAKE it!
BRING in iweb site next week
ORDER postcards
SIGN up for one Soap workshop
SEND thank you’s to every audition from the past three months


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