Thurs Kitchen Group DUE 9/22

– CREATE fitness goal- make more specific
– WORK out 4-5X
– SEND email to group/individual pre-referral letter, asking for their opinion on a particular agent or manager. Get specific. – CREATE agent calendar of next 30-40 days.
– SEND Bobby Moses letter

– ADD commercial CDS onto PDB you most audition for

– WRITE out your dream website

– SIGN UP for one act now workshop.


– WRITE a letter to Oprah (rule of 12).

– WRITE a specific paragraph pitch for show.

– CREATE free post card on

– ADD my name to all PR for WeHo Book Fair.

– CREATE list of targets for mailing (comedy clubs, libraries, etc…)


– EMAIL Stephanie.

– PREGAME Bobby Moses.

– CREATE target list of 5-10 shows perfect for me.

– SEND post cards to PDB.

– ADD commercial contacts to PDB.

– SOLIDIFY headshot photographer.


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