CREATE actor breakdowns (complete with names) based on the types/adjectives we all received from the essence exercise (This will inform your headshots)
PUSH yourselves on your PDB

ADD producers, directors, content creators to PDB
REPOST stand up to you tube and share
FOCUS the target list (5-10 Casting Directors… focus on multi cam’s/ ones with standups)
SCRIPT or bullet point characters for character reel
CONTACT 5 schools re: performing comedy shows

LOG all intake of chocolates and sweets
CHOOSE copy for American voice demo
SEND email to loop group
TARGET list of show 5-10

FOLLOW UP Tuesday to make sure you’ll be receiving your reel material (10 days from today)
ADD CSI Miami to your PDB & target producers
COMPLETE 2/3 draft of pilot
MEET with act now
BE ACCOUNTABLE to Courtney for meditation
SEND thank you for workshop (Franklin & Bash)

TAKE myself on an artists date… unleashing ME! What makes me happy, exited, etc.
HIGHLIGHT people on my PDB who know me on a first name basis
CREATE a manager list from Grey’s Anatomy
WRITE about what your dream manager is like
SIGN UP for 2 workshops from your target list
ADD 5 more shows to target list
FIND 5 scenes that you’ve enjoyed the most over the past year

CREATE about me profile
ADD producers of Mad Men to PDB
WRITE & SEND a letter to Christina Hendricks (advice re: Mad Men…. introduction to casting directors)
SEND Brian Norris an email re: mad men
MEET with Act Now
WRITE a draft of an email (hey, whats up. I’m looking of a new agent … do you know/what do you think of these people/recommendations)

ADD a few practical shows to target list: procedurals
AUDIT a class at 24 hour fitness & LA Fitness
PERFORM plank 3 times this week
CREATE list of 10 agents
WRITE about what your dream website is like
SIGN UP for one workshop (from target list)


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