Beth –

Write revised breakdowns
Write revised resume
Explore and create/print labels for CD list or Microsoft Excel – bring in hard copy
Create PDB – make 4 (everything,everything email,select email,select postcard)

Call Actors Access and change name and add direct contact
Make comedy first on Casting Frontier
Join and put picture on IMDB – have at it!

Lizzy –
Create PDB
Write "My Workspace"
Create Breakdowns
Submit to 3 things on LA Casting
Email IMDB link to group
Email group reel and ask if hurting or helping
Make list of 10 agents you want to be with (name of agent and agency)

3 month goals

Sign with excited and receptive agent
Audition 5 times (tv) by Dec 14th
Add 3 CD fans

6 month goals
Audition 12 times (tv) by March 14th
Book a pilot. Period.
Be on radar for "Night Moves" team – create short channeling character and send

Nikki –
Email breakdowns to class for added help with physicality
Add personality, link to commercial, and where you are from in agent letter – type revision and email draft to class. Email agents on Tuesday.

Bring in typed draft of cover letter
Email footage to class
Send webisode link to group
Bring in 3 photos of what you want to look like in 3 months
Take "BEFORE" photo in bathing suit

Lauren –

Start PDB
> Fix resume
> Comedy
> Blue collar/tomboy
> Need 10 more (theatrical headshots)
> email us 10
> Email reel(s) to group
> -asking a question
> cardio barre x4


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