Thursday AAS GOALS/NOTES for 9/22


SHARE your new videos to all the people in the AAS group
DRAFT of hardcopy pre-game letter to CD’s you will see in October
ORDER postcards (green shirt headshot) that say Courtney Sherman: Comedian/Actress and your phone number, put manager reference on the back.
CREATE a call sheet for spoof video. Set up very specific dates – be in control
DRAFT postcards to the comedy bookers
TALK to us about putting yourself on tape


CHANGE order of your IMDB photos
SEND us link of your IMDB so we can double check it
SEND e-mail to Nicholas & Brian & Patrick Cavanaugh, re: Christina Hendricks
MEET with Act-Now
EMAIL your "representation opinion" email to the AAS group for a template
SEND 20 representation opinion emails
ORDER postcards (smiling headshot)
DRAFT 4 breakdowns


KEEP food-journal
INVESTIGATE 2 different solutions to eating better at work other than the protein bar
SEND email to loop group with Irish and British demo, mention that you go out for American
BRING in 4 pieces of American copy you would be ready to lay down
ORDER postcards with sassy pants photo


INVESTIGATE 3 proteins you like
SEND "agent opinion" email
COMPLETE list of agents (actual agents name) Take off 4 I think are too big, put on 4 that I like, friends have, etc.
WORKOUT at LA Fitness 3x this week
EMAIL my 5 essence-worthy headshots along with the breakdowns
SUBMIT myself on LA Casting 6x
POST 1 photo (2140) to Actor’s Access and submit 6x
CONTACT Chris’ print agent with the zoey deschenal photo
SEND thank you stationary to commercial agents


PLAN an Actor’s Key workshop with Brian
MEDITATE in my car once this week

ORDER 50-75 postcards with yellow shirt
RANK 5 headshot photographers
FACEBOOK/EMAIL "Who do you like for photographers?"
FINISH beautiful PDB (one for target list/one for people you already know)
EMAIL your reel to us


Send the CD, agent, manager you are about to see a letter with your resume on the back, your headshot on the front.
Business letter format, no indentations!!!

1 – "This is when I will see you" ("I look forward to meeting you "when/where." You are reminding them of what they’re doing – planning their calendar. )
2 – "What I’ve been up to lately"
3 – "You can find my resume on the back"
4 – cute p.s.

All the other individuals in the office, should get a postcard. "I look forward to meeting your colleague Bobby next week at blah blah blah." Hopefully this will create conversation about you in the office.

At the workshop you will hand him your headshot and resume. You will do your work – you will suck it raw. Send a follow-up postcard to the person you saw. Make sure you reference the exact scene you did, mention the adjustment if you got one, thank you, etc. Then, you will send your headshot to the colleagues in the office. Saying "It was a pleasure to meet Bobby, thank you, etc."

To get your money’s worth, this is what you need to do, for your 40, 50 dollars, etc.

Then, this person goes directly on your PDB


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