Goals Weds Morn Due 9/21

-Call Kristy to ask her opinion about managers
-Meet with Scott and Debra again
-Create 4 more goals for yourself and email them out to us by tomorrow

-Post reel to AA
-Call Paul Wed/Thurs
-Call/Text Jeremy today
-Call Brianna today
-Email Bonny/Jody by Friday if you don’t hear from Brianna
-Email Susan Nathe and set up meeting
-Email commercial agent to check in
-Book session with Chris Game cgcastingassistant@gmail.com
-Bring copy of Essence breakdown to class
-Pre-game Bobby Moses

-Stay on cleanse till Sept 29th
-Email Britt about agents to call
-Email list of agents to everyone I know
-Put Chris footage on website
-Email Gisela about co-stars
-Put Nurse Jackie on PDB and send thank you (also to Allison and Power Rangers and Tracy) -Add 5 mid-level agencies to list
-Googel Katie Walder
-Book session with Chris Game
-Organize commercial image workshop
-Pre-game Bobby Moses

-Follow up after JLA with Isaac and Brooke
-Sign-up for Patrick’s voice over class
-Email Essence Exercise
-Put yourself on tape 2 times
-Send out Commercial CD mailing about your new agent
-Schedule Act Now audition
-Book 2 workshops from list


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